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3/15/07 10:36 am - interactions

A Real Introduction

Zelfrick steps out of the classroom and Heads for the Giant Tree in the middle of the Yggdrasil sector. He spends time there when he can since no one really goes near it. Zelfrick sits daydreaming under the tree. Jynx approaches cautiusly. he leans down close to Zelfrick's face.

-"I don't really see what is so special about you..." Zelfrick Looks shocked.
-"You... you aren't affected by me? Eyes of illusion?" Zelfrick stares into jynx's eyes.
-"Nope. But does that make people immune to you? I can simulate that in a potion to make him immune to you. This could work out well enough."
-"What can?" Zelfrick looks rather put off as Jynx sits next to him.
-"I am Jynx by the way." He extends his hand to the summoner. Zelfrick accepts.
-"You see, I need you to help me show that being a Jester is a viable class for study." Jynx leans forwards and nods. "Ehhh eh."
-"You want me to help you Graduate?" he chuckles.
-"Just trust me a bit."
-"Whatever gets me out of here." The lecture flashes through his head. "We are goin to meet a Nephilim and I will find a way to counter the entrancing effect i have."

3/9/07 09:00 pm - enter Jynx

What's So great?

-"Vic! Vic! What is your issue?!" Victor's sword drops to the ground. As Zelfrick walks out of sight. There is a pause. Everything seemed frozen.
-"Huh... what?" Vic seems to snap to attention. The mummurs return to the area.
-"Greu de vaut! What the hell was that all about?" Jinx Throws his dagger towards a stump in the training yard. "Who is that guy everyone goes catatonic over?"
-"Zelfrick. Everyone talks about him. You haven't heard?" Vic reclaims his sword dusting and hulstering it. "He has this power that entrances people."
-"Oh, The mesmir, ya ya. Wait why aren't I affected?" Jynx pulls out another knife.
-"You aren't? I don't notice." The knight looks about to see everyone as returned to their business.
-"Well, imagine that." Jynx launches another dagger. It lands parrallel to the first. "So my plans of instituting another Class needs further approval. I have to shows its 'necessity to group dynamic.'" Jynx reaquires his Daggers.
-"Jester. JesteRRRRR. JEST-er. It doens't even sound helpful." Vic chuckles.
-"This from an aspiring Rune knight that can't resist a Mesmir?" Jynx fires back. "And another boy no less." Rolling with laughter Jynx is pushed to the ground by Vic.
-"Want me to tell Quinn where you hide from her?" A large grin covers Victor's face.
-"No, no that is fine. I didnt mean anything really." Surrounding trainers take notice of the disruptors.
-"Relax. I would never do that to you."
-"Thank you. You know if I could get That Mesmir..."
-"Zelfrick." Jynx pauses at the interruption.
-"Yeah, Zelfrick. Well, if he goes on a Mission with me, I can show that Jynx the Jester is worthy of creating a Class Definition after."
-"Here we go..." Victor looks as though he is in pain.
-"He looked like he was on his way to the Yggdrasil sector. I can catch up with him later."
-"You will need a third in the least. He is a summoner. Your abilities are that of the Speed camp. So you will need a knight." Victor Sighs. "We train together. We can trust each other."
-"Are you sure?"
-"Just make sure I am not all over Zelfrick." The both laugh.
-"Sure thing."

3/7/07 09:19 pm - Story Time

Life As It Is

They say there isn't much to living. You just get by as others get by beside you. Atleast that is what they used to say to me. That all changed when I was twelve. Then they started to say wierd things. Anything that would make me happy. Then a man came. He didn't say what I wanted to hear. He said somehting i thought was aweful and yet wonderful. He wanted me to come away with him. To a place called the Academy. Here I would become a great Magician he said. And i have. Zelfrick the great summoner. I can call beings of great power to my aid or to defend that which... that which I want to defend... But more often then not i just ask if they want to talk.

I am a Mesmir. Most poeple can't resist the desire to want me around. They will do anything to make me happy. Mesmirs often have to look people in the eye or speak to affect people. My mere presence affects others. Well most others... But those that I can call to my aid aren't affected by my presence. Truth be told i could will them to be afflicted with the "Joy of my presence" but  I want someone to be honest with me.  Honesty is important.

So another day of school.  I am about 18.  Just a couple more months.  I have been at the acedemy for some time, more than i want to think about.  I am strictly taking classes in the Yggdrasil sector of the Acedemy.  This is the area where the buildings are the most protected form high level magic.  Today i have one class, History as pertaining to relavant Magics.  And It is with her,  Lapul.  She is the daughter of someone with status and has mastered a technique known as the "eyes of Illusion" which allowed her to see me normally.  However, She is an illusionist by nature.  Through and Through.  Her parents might have made her into a potions master but She used me to obtain one of her five top illusionist Spells: Aura of the Mesmir.  Ain't love grand.

"Hey Zelfrick!"
"Lapul." ... I hate when she does this...
"You look down.  Is there anything I can do?"
"No, I am fine."  You could not be a backstabbing Fid.
"I know you think i am just some Fid that used you to get an advanced scoring in Illusions, but come now.  You know we can both use the abilities we have to do whatever we would like."
"That's nice.  I have to be going now."  ... since i would rather kill myself than be further subjected to your presence...
And there you have it.  In a lecture hall made for three hundred she still takes the time to bother me.  She shows up early to bother me... I show up early so that the rush of people toward doesn't interrupt Professor Nelden.

I guess I should listen for a but though...

"Now class today we will be talking about somehting very important in history.  Pay close attention Zelfrick this is to your advantage, being a summoner and all."  Yeah one in the one HUNDRED summoners that attended class today. "Nephilim, are bore of beign of great power and humans.  Recently, the sightings of the Nephilim have increased but the registared births of extrodenary being to humans have not.  This is a great opportunity for Summoner and Callers to find more new partners.  This Also means that the Nephilim of now might be related to the story of Marsik a legendary Nephilim that once belonged to a great summoner Elkir.  He was said to be able to cancel any illusion.  However Marsik was unlike any other Nephilim before him and though enslaved to Elkir he wanted to be free.  So one day when he was summoned he did his mastered bidding to cancel and illusion.  To do so he tore the eyes of everyone affected from the heads, including his master."  Sounds like a real winner...  "This was lead to be know as Marsik Rebellion.  Marsik then was said to gather as many Nephilim as he could and made with them a pact to never interbreed with humans again so that they may claim the power they were destined to have."

And so he prattled on more and more... But it lead me to realise that I actually might want to meet this Marsik.  He cancelled an illusion by removing the eyes from people.  Lapul was only able to resist me once she mastered "EYES of Illusion."  Sight has to be one of the key factors to how people react to me.  Maybe if i can just find a way to distrupt what it is that emits form me on the way to others then i can finally feel normal...

(Alright alright.  that is the first entry into the story.  I plan to right in different style and from different POVs.  I hope that doestn become to confusing. )

3/6/07 07:27 pm - Academy Camps

Here are a list of the Camps and the Skills or classes that can be achieved from study.

Magic Camp

Black Mage / sorcerer
White mage / Priest
Red mage
Green Mage / Oracle
Blue Mage / Gun Mage
Summoner / Caller
Geomancer / elementalist
Tactictian / Mediator & Calculator
Time Mage
Mystic knight

Fight Camp

Squire / Fencer
Knight/ Soldier
Monk / Fighter
Rune Knight
Temple Knight
Dark knight
Beast master
Shield Knight  / Defender

Speed camp

Engineer / gadgeteer / Mechanist
Gunner / Sniper
Trickster / gambler
Chemist/ alchemist
Ninja/ assassin
 Bard / Singer
Jester / mascot / Juggler
Trainer / Hunter

(subject to updates as i find classes lol)

3/6/07 06:23 pm - The Academy

The Academy was created by Dimensional Seer Cid.  Cid foresaw the Merging of dimenions and decided to establish a school that would help train the coming generations to protect against the Monsters that seep inbetween the worlds.  The academy is divided into there camps: Magic based, Fighting Based, and Speed Based.  Final teams are created by choosing atleast one member of each.  The Academy itself is located in the Yedan Empire, surrounded by the Sands of Morrin.  

3/6/07 01:45 am - user info

I just want to make a note about myself.  I love the final fantasy genre.  I have played almost every game in the series. including mystic quest.  The only regular nintendo games that i ever played were mario and the original final fantasy.  I am hardcore...  lol.  I dunno i just felt like tyoing that up.  I have designed user pics for easily denoting what typese of entries i will be posting.

3/6/07 01:06 am - The Character Zelfrick

Zelfrick is male.  In this story he will start at about the age of 17.  He has blond medium hair that tends to look perfect and ruffled at the same time.  He is of average weight and stature and isn't handsome but there is always something about him that people tend to like or desire.  This is due to the fact that Zelfrick is by nature a Mesmir, a class of natural born magic user that can enchant others so they seem to be infatuated by them.  Zelfrick is a the Academy (to be described later) studying  to become a summoner.  At the start he has no truly close friends but was in a relationship with Lapul, a female studying to be a chemist, with a minor in Illusions.    (Picture to come later).
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